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The term 'RITI' is a Sanskrit origin, meaning prosperity and rituals. Since the founder is the Nepali diaspora living in Spain, she would never miss an opportunity to wear the cultural dress reflecting her origin on any kind of occasions. As she could not find the proper store of her suitable attire, she came up with the idea of starting e-store herself back in 2019. And she started retailing and exporting those cultural attire to the various parts of Europe. Well, everything was smooth until COVID-19 pandemic crisis. ''My prayers to those who are impacted by the health crisis and the financial instability during''. But that was not the end, she learned the way of life and done various research on market economy. Now that everything seems to be on the track, the founder added more varieties on her collection such as office wears, party wears, cocktail dresses, beach wear tunica, dashiki print and etcetera. So, let's get connected and create more stories together. Thank you in advance.